Basic Tips to keep your piano in good care in all time


  1. Have your piano tuned at least twice a year?
  2. Call your piano technician as soon as you notice any problems with your piano (i.e. keys out of tune, keys that will not play, keys that sound softer than the ones surrounding it, etc)…
  3. Control the environment where your piano is stored. Wide swings in temperature and humidity can cause havoc on a piano’s inner workings. The wood inside a piano will actually swell and shrink based on the humidity. Eventually, this will cause the wood to come unglued. If you are unable to control the environment in the room your piano is in, we recommend install piano humidity control system. (call your piano tuner for more infomation) it will help prevent damage from climate and environmental effects and is in use in thousands of pianos around the world. Click here for more information about the Piano Life Saver System, and how we can install this in your piano.
  4. Do not place a piano in front of an exterior wall, window, or near any air vents.
  5. Keep all liquids away from the piano! Spilling any liquid (especially anything with sugar) will cause major damage.
  6. Just like any other piece of furniture, pianos should be cleaned from time to time. The first thing you should do is dust the piano with a feather duster. Using a paper towel or even a dry cloth can cause scratches. A microfiber cloth (cotton or flannel) can be used after to collect any remaining dust.

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